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Czech Republic Czechoslovakian SinoBiology Society
Revoluční 20
Prague 1
tel: 222 31 26 14
email: csbs@tcm.cz or bendova@tcm.cz

The center of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Czechoslovakian Sinobiological Society has established a consultation center for practitioners and patients of Traditional Chinese Medicine working since 1996. The library of the society, three rooms for medical consultations and space for meetings and society events has been furnished.

At present there are seven practitioners of Chinese Medicine working there offering consultations for patients for 12 hours per day. Chinese doctor HU Yizhi is a specialist for diseases of the back and joints and internal medicine. His main method is massage combined with acupuncture where necessarry. The center also has access to traditional chinese herbal formulas. A dietetian, doctor of western internal medicine, massage therapist, pediatrician and acupuncturists are also among the staff of the center offering a wide range of healing methods.

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses four main methods to restore harmony in the human body. The two main methods are acupuncture and phytotherapy. However diet consultations and special movement therapies like taiji or qigong are by no means neglected as they can all together contribute to the wellbeing of modern people.

If you book for an entering consultation you should be prepared for a roughly one hour chat with one of our our specialists who will be examining you by means of chinese methods such as pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, interrogation, observation, palpation etc.

For your health consultation you should book in advance in our center calling the following telephone number: 222 31 26 14. From Monday to Thursday from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm there is a live secretary who can book you with any of the practitioners. At other times there is a telephone replier available and we will call you back as soon as possible if you leave us your telephone number.

Please be welcome at our center!